Renewable Energy Foundation

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UK Renewable Energy Data 2002-2010

Please note that as of July 2010, the REF's most up-to-date data on renewable energy is to be found under the Green Generator Database menu item.

In December 2006 Renewable Energy Foundation published the first issue of its Renewable Energy Data files (the RED files). This is the 10th issue, which supersedes all previous versions and adds recent generation data so that the time period covered is April 2002 to March 2010.

The provision of reliable empirical data is essential for investors and policy makers alike in order to accelerate the sensible and responsible development and growth of the renewable energy sector, while from the subsidising consumer’s point of view this information gives some degree of accountability.

The raw data for this project is obtained from the Ofgem Renewables Obligation Certificate Register, which publishes information concerning the issue of Renewables Obligation certificates to renewable energy generators. The Renewable Energy Foundation aims to enrich the data with other public domain information concerning the generators and to re-present the information in a user-friendly form, together with calculated observations such as load factors. Increasingly, this information is becoming available via REF’s own online website utility at which enables the user to search the database and sort the results.

Information, such as the installed capacities of the generators, has been obtained from various sources, including but not limted to Ofgem publications. REF have taken all reasonable measures to ensure the information is accurate (errors and omissions excepted). We welcome corrections and comments.

The Renewable Energy Foundation is a registered charity promoting sustainable development for the benefit of the public by means of energy conservation and the use of renewable energy. REF is supported by private donation and has no political affiliation or corporate membership. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our donors past and present who have supported our work, and in particular the development of the Renewable Energy Data files.

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Biomass and Biomass Co-firing Data (04.02-03.10)
Biomass and Biomass Co-firing: Overview of 2006
Biomass and Biomass Co-firing: Overview of 2007

Hydropower Data (04.02-03.10)
Hydropower: Overview of 2006
Hydropower: Overview of 2007

Landfill Gas Data (04.02-03.10)
Landfill Gas: Overview of 2006
Landfill Gas: Overview of 2007
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Sewage Gas Data (04.02-03.10)
Sewage Gas: Overview of 2006
Sewage Gas: Overview of 2007
Windpower Data (04.02-03.10)
Windpower: Overview of 2006
Windpower: Overview of 2007
PV Data (04.02-03.10)

Campbell Dunford,
Chief Executive

Lee Moroney,
Director of Planning

John Constable,
Director of Policy and Research
29 July 2010